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Welcome to my bloggy birthday bash.  This is where I will give away a package to someone who leaves a comment on this post.  It’s my way of saying Thank You for your support, encouragement, prayers, laughs, and for even reading the really boring posts.

This is what someone will get:

What is all this?  Well, Randi made this very cute tote bag. Everyone needs a totebag, or two or three or four. They are great for packing your bible and stuff to church. I love taking a tote to the library.  I love green, especially the lime variety.  The fabric at the top of this tote looks very similar to the wall paper that was in my room when I was a little girl. I’m telling you I am having a hard time giving this away.  It is sturdy and very well sewn.  If you go visit Randi, she has a new etsy shop open and she is selling some great fabric. It is yummy!  Oh, and she makes great things too, like aprons for big girls and little girls, more totes, bags and purses.

What about the green polkadot key ring. What is that thing?  It is a necessity in my opinion.  This is called a wristlet.  The loop is big enough to fit around your wrist and you can carry your keys without loosing them at the bottom of a big purse. It is great for hanging in the same spot in the house so you don’t loose them there either.  Notice the green? I like that if I am walking to my car at night I can put my hand through the wristlet and the keys in my hand, just in case.  I got this from another etsy shop called JimmyPickles.  She has a ton to choose from and she makes a few other goodies too. Oh, and these are inexpensive and a great gift idea for a friend.

Speaking of etsy,  I opened an etsy shop too.  It is BeadAttitude. I currently only have one item in the shop and hope to add more in the future. But, I have been kinda too busy for any fun, like making jewelry.  You will notice in the photo a pair of earrings. That’s from me. I might as well give myself a shameless plug.

Lastly is a box of three bars of chocolate made at Euphoria Chocolate Company which happens to be a local company.  Their chocolate is yummy and I hope whoever wins likes it.  Oh, a little bit of trivia—-for my wedding favors, I gave out chocolate covered fortune cookies from Euphoria. I hand wrapped them in light link cellophane and tied them with ribbon. Why fortune cookies?  Well, that was how hubby proposed to me.  It was fitting.

Now, to talk about birthdays.   Hubby has grown in his ability to read me, and to pick out things that I would really like for my birthday. As I get older I find that I don’t necessarily want a whole lot of things. I am not a collector of figurines.  I do have a small tea cup collection but I don’t collect knick knacks.  I have come to appreciate experiences as gifts.  My favorite and probably  most memorable gift from hubby was a cooking class. This was not just an ordinary cooking class form a local kitchen store though. This was a class taught by regionally well know chefs that have a cooking show on our local Public Broadcasting channel.  They have written many cookbooks, recieved awards, and have their own restaurant. They are a husband and wife team.

My class was with Caprial and John.  And it wasn’t just for me. For the gift, I got a class for my friend and me and a nights stay in Portland.  I don’t think I can explain how amazingly fun it was. The class was in July. It was hot. The menu was BBQ and we sat outside for part of the class. The teaching kitchen had large TV’s for viewing the top of the stove. The food was amazing, the wine good, the atmosphere perfect.  My friend and I walked out of the class when it was over, full and happy. Then we stayed up and talked until about 3 in the morning.

So, that is my favorite birthday memory.  What is your favorite birthday gift, or memory?  Leave your answer in the comments and you will be entered in the random drawing.  Also, I would love it if you would blog about my birthday bash.  I will pick a winner on Monday. You have through the weekend to comment.

Thanks for being a part of my blog life.



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This Friday I will be having my birthday giveaway. I will write a post and you will need to comment to enter and if you could be so kind as to write about it on your blog to spread the news a bit I would appreciate it.

PS-I made this cake for my friends birthday and I sent the photo to Chickadee and she made the little button for me. Cute huh?

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A new blog

I started a new blog. Yep, I now have two that I will be writing in. The focus on From the Narrows is to write about my life, what I am accomplishing, struggling with, have opinions about etc. The purpose of

Classic Academy

is to write about the girls solely.  I will be writing about our homeschool, their accomplishments, their creative projects and anything else that relates to them.

Why two blogs you ask?  Have you heard of Blurbs?  It is a website that sucks all the info from your blog and puts it into book form.  It is a way to record their education in a creative way. It is a scrapbook of sorts. Since I don’t scrapbook and I don’t even print photos out and put them into albums, I thought this would be a way to have something for them to look at and read that is about them.  It is something that I will do. I like to write, but not on paper. I don’t journal and never really have.  But I type and I love blogging so I thought this would be the perfect method for me.

So, what does that mean for you, the reader?  Well, you can read From the Narrows only, or Classic academy only or both. Then the other option is neither, but I would prefer you stick around. At least this way if someone was more interested in the school side of our life they can read Classic Academy.

Oh, and I have actually already started that blog and have a few entries so far.  So leap over there and check it out.  Leave a comment.


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This is the last Sunday that Belle will be able to attend the 5th grade Sunday school class.  The next step?

Middle School

Frankly that idea is giving me hives.  I went to visit the middle school class this morning. The teacher loves the kids and you can tell he really has a heart for the Lord and teaching.  So before you get in a huff about what I have to say next please know that MY opinion about MY child going to Middle School is just that, MY opinion for MY child.  This is not about your family, your choices or your child.  That is your decision and it doesn’t matter to me what you decide to do.


Music is too loud. I actually left the room until worship was over because it was giving me a headache. Seriously people, do we need to create deaf children?

Facial hair. That is all I am going to say about that.  Well, except for I wonder what hormones are being fed to boys that causes them to grow facial hair by 8th grade.

My daughter is not yet 11.  Facial hair?!?!?!?!?

As a homeschool child, my daughter is sheltered.  I admit it. In fact I am quite ok with that.

I am not ready for Belle to be in a group of raging hormones, church or not.  I don’t think it is beneficial.

And that is what it boils down to.  Does the benefits of Middle School outweigh the cons?  In my opinion the answer is no.

She is too young.  She is impressionable. She is a follower.  She is not ready.

I am not ready.


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Here are some more pictures of this weekend. I took a bunch, as I am in charge of the scrapbooks the girls will be making on our last day of choir. I really think they will enjoy making these. In order to make things inexpensive for me I will burn all the photos onto a CD and each girl will get a CD to make prints from. That way they can pick and choose what they want for their scrapbooks.

concentrating on Marimba—

Group shot

The girls singing the phone song. It is very cute and is one of those never ending songs.

“Hey Susan”—“I think I hear my name”—“Hey Susan”—“I think I hear it again”—“Your wanted on the telephone”—“If it isn’t Katie, then I’m not at home”—“With a rick tick tickity tick, oh yeah, with a rick tick tickity tick, oh yeah”—“Hey Katie”—and on and on.

Bus ride

Choir buddies

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It was fabulous!!!!

For all 3 of you who were concerned with my weekend, I have good news. It was wonderful, stupendous. The girls had a grand time. The food situation turned out just fine. The weather was beautiful, and a little hot. We saw a great play called the Clay Cart and we all enjoyed it. The girls sang great and it was so fun to see them play and interact with each other and bond. Here is a little snippet of my daughter Princess playing the marimba.

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Need a good laugh?

Go Here!


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