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leaving town

We are leaving town this morning to visit with my friend in the dessert.  We will stay the night and come home tomorrow evening.

Excited to do this:

See their new house.

Kids playing.



Mountain air.

Girl talk.

Watch a chick flick.

And if I am lucky my blog might look a little different.



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Happy Birthday Peanut

The baby of the family turned 6 in August. She had a Monkey party and it suited her just right. She had lots of friends over to celebrate with her. For the activities we made bananas on a stick rolled in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Boy are those yummy. Then they painted monkey sun catchers. I ordered all the supplies from Oriental Trading Company. It is a great resource for parties. They have a great selection of crafts and trinkets.

Here are a few pictures:

And here is the Monkey cake I made for her.

Peanut has and continues to be a joyful child. She is truly a happy go lucky little girl. Not much seems to bother her, except getting picked on by big sisters. She is generous and thoughtful. She is busy and learns by using her hands. Teaching her has been a challenge as I have had to get creative with techniques. But since she is my third child I tend to be much more relaxed with her, knowing that she will learn what she needs to when she is ready. She has a great sense of humor and while she may not look like she is paying attention, she is picking up a lot of what is going on. Peanut has been a joy from the moment she was born. We are so thankful for this little girl that adds so much to our lives.


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Where do you put it all?

I have spent some time this summer trying to declutter my house. I have a long way to go, but I have made progress. As I gear up for school and try to clean more and organize more and put things away I am coming across many ( and I mean many) little (and I mean little) creations. Take one creative daughter and times it by 3 and you have a lot of things lying around. Sometimes it is hard not to cringe when my precious child brings something to me that they made and say, “here Mommy, this is for you.” They all have their storage bins for their special toys and keepsakes. What I want to know is just how many keepsakes are we required to keep. Is the little 25 cent toy qualify as a keepsake? We have a lot of craft items in the house and they receive wonderful craft gifts from friends and family. I have learned to allow them to make and do. I just haven’t figured out where to keep all the creations and how long to keep them. What do you do in your home. Do you have homemade things pile up until they topple over?

For a good read on a similar topic go to The Learning Never Stops.

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theme issues

Hi, I am messing with the template which I realized that wordpress is not that flexible. I will hopefully be back to normal, whatever that might be, soon.



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The loot and doggie bells

Today we went to pick up our entries in for the fair.  The sewing projects have received several donations from stores as I mentioned already.  In total the girls won $24.00, two 4 hour sewing classes, a $10.00 gift certificate, 2 yards of fabric, a fabric sewing project and a beanie baby sewing book. Was it worth registering,  dropping off entries and picking them up?  You bet!
Max is consistently ringing bells to go outside to potty. He sits by the back door and rings them and either one of the girls or I go and let him out. Now tell me, who is trained?


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The Fair

Friday night we enjoyed the county fair and waited all week with anticipation to see how the girls entries did this year. I’d say we did really well.  Below is Pixie’s mouse she made with the fabric she won last year at the fair for her apron entry.  She won first place plus a special ribbon plus 4 donations from local fabric stores.

Princess also won first place for her skirt and 5 donations from local fabric stores.  Needless to say we were thrilled.

Princess also won a third place award for her black and white pencil drawing. Now before you think we are not thankful let me assure you that we are very thankful for this third place award. I just thought that the judging was a bit strange on this.  Below you will see the first place winner and even more bewildering is the second place winner.  What do you think?  The only thing I can think of is that the judges thought Princess traced this drawing. She did not.  She did however use another drawing as the basis for this. After all, isn’t that what most artists do, copy something else they see?  Or at least that is how they learn.

And finally some clowning around for your viewing pleasure.

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Cleaing the car

That is what I did today and you know what?  It took me ALL day.  It was messy, dirty and stinky.  How does it get so bad?  I really dislike cleaning the car, and I am all for male and female roles in which the male of the family is in charge of cleaning the vehicles.  Hubby doesn’t go for that though. He figures, I drive it, the girls and I make the mess, I clean it.  In fact if he were clean it he would get mad.  He isn’t mean at all, but really grumpy. He loves cars and loves to keep them nice and neat. He gets frustrated that we can let it get so scummy.  We thought we would have the rule of no food in the car.  Tell me moms, how possible is that for you?   I really don’t like cleaning the car and I can’t remember when I actually washed a car that didn’t involve driving through a garage with water and soap shooting down.  But, I am glad I did it. It looks so nice inside now I don’t mind getting in and taking it for a drive.  Oh, and I didn’t wash the outside, just the inside.  I will take the punch card and the car to the car wash tomorrow!


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