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Animal School

This is such a good video and hit the nail on the head as to why I and many others homeschool.


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I don’t know if I can sum everything up from the last few weeks into one post so I thought I would write snippets when thoughts come to me.  I am currently reading a book that has been very helpful to me called “She’s Gonna Blow” by Julie Ann Barnhill.  This is what I read today:

Jesus Christ wants to lavish Himself upon our lives in the same way. He won’t apply “just enough” to get us by. Instead, He will heap–he will inundate–our lives with the riches of His grace and pile upon our hearts mercy so plentiful that it overflows and pools.

I thought this was good reminder for me, that when times are hard, He is still there and still ready to lavish us with the gifts he has prepared for us.  The gift of Himself as well as how He uses others in our lives to encourage us.   Don’t we need encouragement from other moms?  I know I do.

I hope I can adequately communicate what all has occured over the last few weeks.  I want to share it because I just know that I am not alone in the struggles I have and I am just sure that it will speak to another mom who might need to hear how I am getting through it.

Until next time,


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Welcome to my new location

Welcome to my new place in the blogosphere. It was a difficult decision to leave HSB but I think the time has come. Even as I write I cannot get my page to view at HSB. Besides that though, there are other reasons for me leaving. I will talk about those a bit later as I get back into blogging on a regular basis. I am currently on a blog break but I think I will be coming back shortly. I will fill you in on my break and what I have learned and how refreshing it has been for me.

I hope you will come visit me here are wordpress.


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