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Window Mistreatments

I thought I would join the Nester’s mistreatment club. I admit that I did not do these myself. I had a friend come and help me, but we did these in one afternoon with 6 little girls and two dogs hanging around.  I have this breakfast nook window that had gray vertical blinds for the 10 years we have lived in this house. YUCK. They were UGLY. I still cannot believe I lived with those all those years.  This is such an improvement.  These windows made it difficult to hang a valance with the angle of the walls and the size of the windows. I could not decide if I should treat this area as one large window or three windows.  We decided one large window would be the easiest.  We did do a little bit of sewing but also used stitch witchery for some of it. We used a staple gun to make the pleats and stapled it onto a three thin pieces of wood. When it was finished I nailed them to the wall. I love how this turned out and was glad that I didn’t have to invest in expensive rods and hardware. I hot glued black gross grain ribbon to the top to hide the stapled pleats.

The small window is above my sink. We had just enough fabric to make one small panel with a pocket and hung it on a pressure rod between the two cabinets.

Sorry for the poor quality of photos.


PS—The fabric was free. My other friend gave it to me to match my kitchen. She bought it for a project and never used it and decided not to. The wood was in the garage as was the staple gun and staples.  Out of pocket expense was the ribbon. Not too bad eh?


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Week End Update

Things are coming along folks. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter an oh how pretty it is.  We finished painting the deck this weekend. We needed to put two coats on and had to wait two weeks for it to stop raining, snowing, hailing, between coats.  The cabinet doors are finished. Can you shout hurray with me.  Half of them are up with handles on.  Wowsers does it look great.  I painted my front door.  Yes it really did need it. It is a fir door with a bad stain job. It was looking very ratty and we really needed to make sure the curb appeal sparkled.  We toyed with just getting a new door, but frankly we are just tired of spending money on this house.  Can you believe we make at least a weekly trip to a home improvement store?  I primed the door yesterday and painted it today. It is a dark reddish brown and goes well with the green house and white trim.

May 5th. That is the day we are shooting for.  We have more to do still but I think the hardest parts are done.  Please pray for stamina because frankly we are pooped out, burned out, and just plain tired of working.  It would be so nice to have a quiet boring nothing to do kind of weekend.

In other news, I opened an etsy shop. I  tried to get the linky/logo on my side bar but it isn’t working. I only have one thing listed so far. No, I am not really making a bunch of jewelry at this time, but I hope to add more things to it in the future.  It’s called beadattitude.


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I interrupt this home renovation programming to bring to you a craft.  I saw these online yesterday and the impulse was too great and I had to bring out the jewelry bucket to make these sweet little pendants.

Attach ribbon or silver chain and you have a sweet festive necklace.  All my girls had to have one and the ribbon choices available are fabulous. I just love the blue with brown and white poke-a-dots. Green eggs, speckly eggs. SO many choices. I was so needing a craft right now.  I am a bit surprised at my need to create something beautiful. I don’t consider myself artsy as I am more of a copy cat.  I had no idea how happy crafting makes me.

Oh and in case you are wondering—my kitchen still looks like this:

and this:


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The loot and doggie bells

Today we went to pick up our entries in for the fair.  The sewing projects have received several donations from stores as I mentioned already.  In total the girls won $24.00, two 4 hour sewing classes, a $10.00 gift certificate, 2 yards of fabric, a fabric sewing project and a beanie baby sewing book. Was it worth registering,  dropping off entries and picking them up?  You bet!
Max is consistently ringing bells to go outside to potty. He sits by the back door and rings them and either one of the girls or I go and let him out. Now tell me, who is trained?


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The Fair

Friday night we enjoyed the county fair and waited all week with anticipation to see how the girls entries did this year. I’d say we did really well.  Below is Pixie’s mouse she made with the fabric she won last year at the fair for her apron entry.  She won first place plus a special ribbon plus 4 donations from local fabric stores.

Princess also won first place for her skirt and 5 donations from local fabric stores.  Needless to say we were thrilled.

Princess also won a third place award for her black and white pencil drawing. Now before you think we are not thankful let me assure you that we are very thankful for this third place award. I just thought that the judging was a bit strange on this.  Below you will see the first place winner and even more bewildering is the second place winner.  What do you think?  The only thing I can think of is that the judges thought Princess traced this drawing. She did not.  She did however use another drawing as the basis for this. After all, isn’t that what most artists do, copy something else they see?  Or at least that is how they learn.

And finally some clowning around for your viewing pleasure.

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New craft

My birthday present (a few posts down) inspired me in my decision to make a gift for my friend’s birthday. I saw several similar to this at a store and I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult to make one. After selecting a pasage (which I found also at a store and copied) I selected the paper. I printed the words on my printer, layered the papers and cut to size to fit a 10 x 10 black picture frame. I also used metal photo corners. It was a fine line between keeping it elegant and creating something gaudy. I really like they way this turned out and hope to make one for myself with paper that fits my house a little better. Who knows maybe some of my other friends will be receiving one too.


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Card Making

I have never liked making cards, especially of the rubber stamp variety. I think most people are surprised to learn this about me because I have dabbled in most every other craft available, including basket making. I have never really liked the look of rubber stamped cards. They tend to look sloppy and cheesy really. Please don’t be offended if you are a rubber stamping maniac. That has been my opinion until I met my friend Darcy. She is truly a rubber stamping maniac and she has a craft room that will make any crafter jealous. She has a box of cards that she has made that are waiting for the right occasion to send them off. I will admit, that she has mastered the art of rubber stamping. Her cards are beautiful.

Mother’s day shoping for cards at Hallmark proved to be a bit disappointing. I have a hard time finding just the right thing to say. Then I thought of Darcy. Surely she can help me make a card. I went to her house and came up with two lovely cards, one for my mom and one for my mil. I was also fortunate enough to inherit a few stamps that she was tired of. Lucky me! I loved these stamps and decided to make some birthday cards. I had a lot of fun making them and was disappointed when I was finished. I am beginning to wonder if I have been missing out all these years of protesting making rubber stamp cards. I am wondering where I will put all the new supplies that are requiring for this new craft.

So, tell me what you think—-

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