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I want to share a bit of good news.  My very giving mother has given us money to purchase a pool for the girls. You know, the 4 ft bigger than a hot tub kind of pool with the soft sides.  We are filling it with water right now and the girls have been standing around it with noodles in hand chomping at the bit to get in. Unfortunately it is night time and the pool may or may not be ready by tomorrow.  I am so thrilled for them, and we can’t wait to have friends over to swim with us.  Don’t wait for a personal invite, just give me a call and invite yourself over.



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Here are some more pictures of this weekend. I took a bunch, as I am in charge of the scrapbooks the girls will be making on our last day of choir. I really think they will enjoy making these. In order to make things inexpensive for me I will burn all the photos onto a CD and each girl will get a CD to make prints from. That way they can pick and choose what they want for their scrapbooks.

concentrating on Marimba—

Group shot

The girls singing the phone song. It is very cute and is one of those never ending songs.

“Hey Susan”—“I think I hear my name”—“Hey Susan”—“I think I hear it again”—“Your wanted on the telephone”—“If it isn’t Katie, then I’m not at home”—“With a rick tick tickity tick, oh yeah, with a rick tick tickity tick, oh yeah”—“Hey Katie”—and on and on.

Bus ride

Choir buddies

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