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The winner is…

Well, before I get to that I want to thank you all for commenting and for the birthday wishes. I had a fabulous day and birthday and I didn’t realize how much your comments was going to be like getting a card in the mail.  So thank you, thank you , thank you.

I went to a great place with my girlfriend called The Poet’s Garden.  What a cute little cottage industry it is. There was so much eye candy. I bought a few things and I can’t wait to put them up in the new house.  Then we  went further up north and found a great salvage warehouse and had a blast rummaging through old house junk.  We we returned my family had a chocolate cake and presents waiting for me. We went to dinner and then came home for dessert. It was a great day!

I had hubby pick a number between 1-23 which is the number of comments on the birthday post. He picked number 7 which is JenIg.  Congratulations Jen.  I will email you to get your address.

Thanks again everyone. I really had fun putting it all together.



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Bloggy bash!

Hey— wannna chance to win some cool gifts?

Head over to my bloggy friend Marsha every day next week to enter in her bloggy birthday bash.  She will have a different prize each day and all you have to do is leave a comment.  How easy is that. Oh, and don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday!


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The birthday party

We woke up on Sunday, the day of the birthday party, to find snow. We don’t often get snow so when we do it is a big deal. The girls were so excited. All I could think of is will her party have to get postponed again? As the day wore on and the snow kept falling I started to get worried. By the afternoon it stopped snowing and warmed up and a few brave souls ventured out in the weather and sketchy road conditions to attend the 9 yr olds party. It was a small turn out, but the girls had fun. They did a great job on their scrapbooks. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. And just ignore childs name on the cake.

Miss Bella who likes to jump into my sock drawer

The state of my living room! This is why the birthday party was elsewhere. Now I have to fill these boxes.

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Birthday party has been moved. After looking at all that needs to be done, including bake the cupcakes, and big cake and pull everything together for the party festivities, it became clear that the party cannot happen in this house. No siree.  So the party has been moved to our church. I am so thankful. Now I can concentrate on the important things, like making sure this party is super duper spectacularly fun!


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A birthday is in the air…

Pixie turns 9 in 9 days.  Tonight we went out, just she and I, to get all the supplies we need for the party.  She had a hard time deciding what birthday party theme she was going to have.  We always have a theme. Birthdays are big events around here.  She finally decided to have a scrapbooking party.  Being the crafter I am you’d think this would be natural for me, but it is not.  Scrapbooking is the one thing that I don’t do, and don’t really care to do.  Part of the reason is that I can stare at a blank page for hours and not know what to do with it. Mostly though it is because it is so stinking expensive.  One thing I found out tonight is that a scrapbook party isn’t cheap either!

Here is the run down of the party.  As soon as the kids arrive they will begin the party by decorating their cupcakes.  The next item is playing pin the photo of Sophia on the large scrapbook page.  While this is happening I will be snapping photos like crazy.  The girls will then play drop the glue stick in the jar from their noses  while I am printing off photos.  They will then hunt through a couple of rooms to collect all their supplies, which include scissors, tape, glue, stickers, lots of paper, embellishments, and their own mini scrapbook (which I found for a buck at Target!!!!).  Then they will get to scrapbooking their photos into their book.  When they finish it will be time for presents, and then they can eat their cupcakes.  And that should be a fun and busy birthday for the 9 year old.

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