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Life Journal

Do you have trouble having a consistent quiet time? I do.  Most of the time I have no idea where to start.   It seems like a simple idea-read your bible, journal, pray, reflect.  Often times not having a plan keeps me from sitting down and having my quiet time with the Lord. I have an idea that might help you if you feel the same way about quiet times.  I started using the Life Journal that our church was handing out.  Inside is a reading schedule, a prayer list page, a table of contents page that you fill out as you write in your journal.  Then there is the actual journaling section. What is most helpful though is the actual steps involved in completing your journal.  They use the SOAP method.  S-write down the scripture that speaks to you. O-write down your observation about the scripture. A-write down the application of that scripture in your life.  P-write out your prayer for the day.  This has really helped guide my quiet times with the Lord. It may help you too.  You can order these online and they are very inexpensive. You may even want to tell your church about it.



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