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Nanny Diaries

I just found out the movie based on the book Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus is coming out in a few short weeks. You can bet I will be at the theater to catch this one.  The authors of the book wrote a fictional story based on their experiences as nannies in NY city.  Although it is fiction it is extremely close to the truth. How do I know this?  I was a nanny in NY city.  When I read this book I laughed and commiserated with the character. Been there, done that!  I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in what it is like to be a nanny for the rich in NYC. If you read it you will know almost exactly what my life was like for a whole year.  (Warning: the language in the book is for adults only and is a bit vulgar. If you are sensitive to this then don’t read it.)  The experience taught me that even if I could afford it, I would never have a nanny.



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Life Journal

Do you have trouble having a consistent quiet time? I do.  Most of the time I have no idea where to start.   It seems like a simple idea-read your bible, journal, pray, reflect.  Often times not having a plan keeps me from sitting down and having my quiet time with the Lord. I have an idea that might help you if you feel the same way about quiet times.  I started using the Life Journal that our church was handing out.  Inside is a reading schedule, a prayer list page, a table of contents page that you fill out as you write in your journal.  Then there is the actual journaling section. What is most helpful though is the actual steps involved in completing your journal.  They use the SOAP method.  S-write down the scripture that speaks to you. O-write down your observation about the scripture. A-write down the application of that scripture in your life.  P-write out your prayer for the day.  This has really helped guide my quiet times with the Lord. It may help you too.  You can order these online and they are very inexpensive. You may even want to tell your church about it.


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Life at home

is all about the dog. He is doing really well and not complaining as much when he needs to go in his crate. He also went to the door to be let outside to go potty. That my friends is a victory. Now we just need him to sleep through the night without barking and crying and whining and moaning and groaning.  I think we are getting there though.  We met papa at work and had a picnic lunch and took Max on a long walk.  He was so tired.

I have to admit, after all the excitement of the Chinese students the last two weeks, I have been a bit bored this week. I have had nothing planned, which is probably a good thing since we got a puppy but now I am ready to plan some activities.  The kids are feeling a bit cooped up too as they seem to be arguing more lately.  I guess I really should be putting them to work.

I am happy to report that the garden is doing nicely. We have gotten all the lettuce we are going to get this year. Currently I have 7 gallon size ziplock bags full of lettuce. I am having to start giving it away so it doesn’t go bad.  The tomatoes are starting to turn red.  I cannot wait for them. The basil is huge. The carrots are not doing as well as I hoped.  The pumpkins are growing but unfortunately some little critter is eating it.  The cantelope, cucumbers and squash are not doing as well as I hoped. That is ok though, since it is the first garden in 7 years.

I am supposed to be doing math with the girls and I have not picked that back up yet.  I just don’t seem to have the motivation to start again.

The girls are signed up for swim lessons finally. Hopefully that will give us a more summery feel to our lives. The weather has not been that great the last two weeks which is highly unusual for the area this time of year.  I hope it warms up in August. Speaking of August I have two birthdays to plan back to back.  The oldest turning 10 is having a slumber spa party and inviting just two girls. I think it is going to be fun. The youngest turning 6 is having a monkey party.  If you haven’t read any of my posts on my other blog you won’t know that birthday cakes are my thing.  I love making them and decorating them. I will be sure to post photos of the cakes when they are done.

Tomorrow I am busy preparing for a small potluck BBQ at our house on Saturday.  It will be fun opening our home to new friends.

This week we have been going to the Tour of Homes. It happens every summer in late July and we have been going for at least 10 years.  I love going through newly built homes and getting ideas.  I have to be careful not to get in coveting mode and discontent mode. We have seen some really nice homes, all very different in style but also so outrageous in price that I don’t even bother to covet!

Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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He was awake and making a whole lot of noise from 1am to 6am. Now, at 8am he is snoozing comfortably in his bed.  We gotta fix this.


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This is our nickname for the pup. He went to the vet today and got an A- OK sign. He is doing really well. We miraculously have not had an accident in the house yet. But we did almost have two accidents. Our biggest challenge is getting him crate trained. I feared last night because he did so bad the night before. I basically didn’t get much sleep at all. Last night miraculously he did very well. Praying the same goes for tonight and from now on. He is really easy and a lot of fun. I highly recommend a Labradoodle even if it is a silly name!


PS- The photo of the pups in the sidebar is Max’s litter.  The breeder gave me a CD of pictures of when he was smaller. I just loved this photo so I had to put in on the blog.

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Last night was filled with tears and sad goodbyes as we sent off our Chinese students. They really started becoming a part of us and I am willing to be if they stayed any longer, they just would not go back to their home land. Many of the students declared a reluctance to return to China. Their life is hard and stressful with many expectations and I believe very little affection and time spent with their parents. Many also said that they would like to return to the US to go to college. I am bet some will return. My students know they will always have an American family if they do return. If you ever get an opportunity to take in foreign exchange students I highly recommend it. It was a wonderful experience for the entire family. The Lord gave us all the grace we needed to share our homes and lives with these precious girls.

Max arrived today to join our family. He is truly the most precious dog ever. He is taking a little nap right now but has been playing and exploring his new home thoroughly. Surprisingly the cats are doing very well with our new addition. Lucy is cautious but not too stressed and hasn’t hidden and Bella, still in the kitten phase is exploring playing with him. It think the adjustment will go far better than I expected.

Here are some pictures:

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What’s happening

It is interesting having two new people in your home for two weeks.  I’d say for the most part everything is going great, but of course as we wind down our time with the Chinese students, I am looking forward to having the house to ourselves again. The good news is that the girls feel very comfortable in our home. They fit in well.  This second week however you start noticing quirks that can start to get on the nerves.  One of our girls doesn’t seem to get, no matter how many times we tell her that you need to put your seat belt on and that you cannot pick the cat up by her legs.  Three more days.  I’m ready.

We pick up Max on Saturday and we are so excited. I talked with the breeder and I can tell she is a bit reluctant to let this little guy go. She said his temperment is perfect. We have purchased all the things we need to have a dog in our home so we are ready.

Today is a down day, just cleaning and resting. With the extra work and getting up earlier I am a bit tuckered out.  Tomorrow we go swimming with the Chinese students.  Friday we have a farewell party and the kids will be cooking some Chinese food for us.

After the students leave then I will need to gear up for two birthday parties in my home the beginning of August.  It has proven to be a busy summer for us, although we haven’t spent much time doing the normal summer time activities– swimming.  It is raining here today and likely tomorrow. The garden is growing like crazy and we have been eating lots of salads with our garden lettuce.  I cannot wait until the tomatoes ripen.  We should have quite a crop this year.  I feel quite successful in that nothing has died yet.

Well, there is a bunch of random thoughts for you.  Hope you have a great rest of the week.


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