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Jumping Ship

Call me schizophrenic. I have decided to move my blog over to blogspot. I am sorry for the few of you who have faithfully followed me all over the web. This is my last move. I promise.  I just got tired of the boring  possibilities with the wordpress templates.  You see my fun polk a dot background is gone.  It’s because I have to pay another $15.00 to have the freedom to change the background.  Therefore, I am done with wordpress. Please come see me at:


Thanks so much dear bloggy friends for you encouragement, prayers and keeping tabs on me. You are a blessing.



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Camping was a blast

Camping is:

exciting, dirty, wet, a lot of work, exhausting, and an absolute blast.

Camp Food

Best Buds: Belle and Jo

Oregon Coast

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Beach Play-Washburne State Park

Best Buds: Phi and K-lyn

Bobo in her element

Best Buds: Bobo and GBear

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Max: Hubby brilliantly figured out how to slow him down so he wouldn’t get very far and yet he had a little freedom to move around and play.  He was one tired pup at the end of the day.

Summer 08: The Best Camping Trip of the year.

Needless to say we all had a great time. The weather was PERFECT.  It was by far the nicest weekend at the coast I have ever experienced.  Our camp sight was great (meaning really close to the bathrooms). Looking forward to the next camping trip, but I don’t mind waiting until next year. For all the fun it was, my goodness, is it a lot of work.

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A bouncing party

Today we officially celebrated Bobo’s birthday with friends and family.  Here are a few photos to show how fun it was.

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Photo catch up

Because I am so lame about putting photos with my post.  Here are just a couple photos from camping, again the lameness with the camera. I don’t like carrying it around with me, and I also talk myself out of wanting a picture of each and every little thing.

So here are the camping photos:

Belle turned 11 last Saturday. Instead of the big party with lots of kids she had a special afternoon with a good friend. She decided that a pedicure would be just the thing to ring in the 11th year.  We had a lunch outing afterwards with a gelato topper and a little shopping at Michaels.  What a day!

Today is Bobo’s (peanut) birthday. She turned 7.  We decided to go to the Enchanted Forest.  What a great day.

Phi (9), Belle (11), Bobo (7)

That’s it folks.


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computer update

I am borrowing my friend’s husband’s charger. Mine is toast. Literally.  $80.00 buckaroos to replace it and right now we can’t replace it. Bummer!  So I will get this charged up and be totally stingy on my computer time. I do have some business to conduct, you know, important things to do on the computer. It’s not all just fun and games. In the mean time, while it’s charging, I gotta catch up on my favorite reads. Man, you gals write a lot. I’m gone for a few days and I have this huge list to read.

All that to say, I won’t be around much for the next week and a half or so.  The girls and I are going to family camp with my in-laws church next week. It will the first time for them and they are going to have a blast. The following weekend is my daughters 11th birthday.  The week after is my other daughters 7th birthday.  August is going to be a busy month.  But fun!


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My computer charger cord is on it’s last thread. I may be lost for a while without a new computer. Does anyone have a spare? I have an Apple Mac Book. We probably won’t be able to buy another if this goes for a little while….signing off….I smell something burning……

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In the midst of so much change and upheaval these last six months and waiting for someone to make us a sweet offer on the house, I am finding that I spend much of the day talking to God about trusting. I trust Him, I truly do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments of frustration, or even sadness. I am trying to take all my thoughts captive and giving my worries to Him. I tell him often that I trust Him. I sometimes say it over and over like a mantra in order to put on good thoughts and eliminate the negative thoughts. I keep trying to focus on the bigger picture, the one I can’t fully see, but know that we are in His hand and that it will all work out for good. As a part of this trusting I am trying to keep in the forefront of my mind all the details that I am thankful for. Because if I focus on this, then I trust Him even more. So here is a few things that I am thankful for.

*My house is clean

*Because my house if clean I can actually rest more

*I am establishing great habits in keeping my house clean

*I am helping my girls establish great habits in keeping their room clean

*These habits will help us start school with ease

*Because I have control of my house, I have energy to make other positive changes

*I am able to get up early and walk with hubby in the mornings before he leaves for work

*He appreciates seeing and talking with me in the morning each day, and so do I

*I have had the motivation to change our eating habits and provide good healthy meals for my family

*Providing good healthy meals gives me a sense of accomplishment

*All of these are due to this monumental (to me) project of purchasing a home and then remodeling our current home, putting it on the market and waiting for it to sell. Crazy as it is to make such a bold move, God is working in this in our lives.

Contrast this to a year and a half ago:

I couldn’t get out of bed before 9am—- I stayed up until really late at night—- I couldn’t figure out what to cook—- we ate out all the time because I couldn’t provide meals—- I was angry—- sad—- DEPRESSED—- emotional—- on the brink of disaster—- I yelled all the time—- you get the picture.

God is so GOOD and I am truly THANKFUL!


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