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The birthday party

We woke up on Sunday, the day of the birthday party, to find snow. We don’t often get snow so when we do it is a big deal. The girls were so excited. All I could think of is will her party have to get postponed again? As the day wore on and the snow kept falling I started to get worried. By the afternoon it stopped snowing and warmed up and a few brave souls ventured out in the weather and sketchy road conditions to attend the 9 yr olds party. It was a small turn out, but the girls had fun. They did a great job on their scrapbooks. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. And just ignore childs name on the cake.

Miss Bella who likes to jump into my sock drawer

The state of my living room! This is why the birthday party was elsewhere. Now I have to fill these boxes.


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Hubby is a good daddy!

This weekend my middle child Pixie asked her big sister what she would like for Christmas. Princess the 10 yr old going on 16 said, “Um, well, I would like a cell phone and an ipod…” in that preteenage attitude like voice. Pixie was a bit discouraged because obviously she can’t buy her sister a cell phone or an ipod. But then the great idea came. Hubby helped Pixie make a paper ipod to look exactly like his real one. They put all the proper markings on it as well as a fake ear phone cord. Pixie wrapped it up and wrote out an eloquent card stating that she got her exactly what her sister wanted. So clever! Princess is forever picking on and teasing Pixie and Pixie most of the time does not think Princess is funny. This is a perfect little get back at Princess. Besides that, I think Princess is really going to like her gift!

Also this weekend Hubby helped Pixie make a cake. They were watching America’s Test Kitchen and their mouth drooled at the cake that was baked. We bought a box mix and hubby watched over the baking process. Then he made frosting and she decorated the cake on her own. He is so good to help her in this way. Even though I homeschool the girls, I am not exactly great at doing these activities with the girls. I am glad they have the daddy they do!


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Happy Birthday Peanut

The baby of the family turned 6 in August. She had a Monkey party and it suited her just right. She had lots of friends over to celebrate with her. For the activities we made bananas on a stick rolled in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Boy are those yummy. Then they painted monkey sun catchers. I ordered all the supplies from Oriental Trading Company. It is a great resource for parties. They have a great selection of crafts and trinkets.

Here are a few pictures:

And here is the Monkey cake I made for her.

Peanut has and continues to be a joyful child. She is truly a happy go lucky little girl. Not much seems to bother her, except getting picked on by big sisters. She is generous and thoughtful. She is busy and learns by using her hands. Teaching her has been a challenge as I have had to get creative with techniques. But since she is my third child I tend to be much more relaxed with her, knowing that she will learn what she needs to when she is ready. She has a great sense of humor and while she may not look like she is paying attention, she is picking up a lot of what is going on. Peanut has been a joy from the moment she was born. We are so thankful for this little girl that adds so much to our lives.


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