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My little crafters

It never ceases to amaze me the creative resourcefulness of my girls. While I was at lunch today and the girls we being sat with my friends three daughters they decided they needed fishing poles. Of course the play of the day is Little House or some variation of it, since there are six girls instead of three. The sitter thought they were playing with sticks when in fact they were doing much more. You see, for them just sticks would not do for a fishing pole. While they have not really seen one up close before or handled one, they ended up creating something very close to a real pole. They used earring wires from the bead box for the hook at the end. They found wooden spools to make into a reel and wired it on, again with jewelry wire and then found string to wind up on the reel. All they need is some live bait and of course a body of and water and they are set.


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This is the day

I turn 40. Yep- the big 4-0!  It feels weird.  Especially as the age between myself and my parents seem to get closer and closer. When I was a little girl I used to visit my grandma.  She looked like a grandma. She had short white hair, and carried the little black purse.  She went to town once a week to have her hair done, and it stayed that way until the next appointment.  When I calculate her age at that time, she was in her 40’s.  What a strange thought, as I am not even close to looking like a grandma, nor being one since my girls are still little.  I know 40 is not really old these days, but it still feels weird to not be able to say I am thirty something!

This morning my girls bought me breakfast in bed with home made birthday cards.  In one is this poem by my oldest (9).

In the month of May

when the flowers sway

it is hard to say mean words

beacause outside you hear the cheerful little birds.

Dear Mom, have a wonderful birthday with cheerful little girls and birds.

Then I proceeded to get up and dump the full glass of cold water on myself and bed.  That was a shock.  The rest of the day includes lunch out with some very special ladies whom I am priviledged to call my friends, then dinner at my inlaws.


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One of the many benefits of this weekend are many photos, including those in my new header. My girlfriend is gifted behind the camera and she was willing to take many photos of me and the kids and create this little gem for me. I wish I could take photos like she does, but I realize that not only does it take skill in the usage of a camera, but an eye to see the world a little bit differently. I do not have either of those skills. If you want to see more great fun photos go to literarygirl and click on My Day. You will see photos from others as well. If I can snap out of lazy mode, I will get some photos uploaded and share a few.


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I Feel Like Writing

but I am not sure I have much to say. I keep thinking I needed to come up with something profound to say but then realize it might be next month before a new post goes up. So right now you are getting the low down on what we are doing this weekend.  We left yesterday for Bend and are staying with friends that moved last August. This is our first visit with them.  We are having a great time. The kids are playing well, the food has been great, the weather is perfect and of course conversation has been fun and entertaining.  This morning I sat on the deck for quite some time in my jammies with a latte, soaking up the sunshine while reading a magazine.  It was close to heaven. It felt so good. Later we went to the High Dessert Museum.  What a great place that is. The displays are wonderful and half the museum is outside.  We came home bbq’d and ate outside, the first of the season. Then Literarygirl and I finished the evening off with a birthday dessert and tea out to celebrate my upcoming milestone birthday.  More on that later.  We will return home sometime tomorrow afternoon and spend the Memorial Day at home and hopefully preparing the garden bed. We are getting a little on the late side but the girls have their heart set on a garden this year and we cannot disappoint them.  Well, that is what’s up in our family. What’s up in yours?


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Card Making

I have never liked making cards, especially of the rubber stamp variety. I think most people are surprised to learn this about me because I have dabbled in most every other craft available, including basket making. I have never really liked the look of rubber stamped cards. They tend to look sloppy and cheesy really. Please don’t be offended if you are a rubber stamping maniac. That has been my opinion until I met my friend Darcy. She is truly a rubber stamping maniac and she has a craft room that will make any crafter jealous. She has a box of cards that she has made that are waiting for the right occasion to send them off. I will admit, that she has mastered the art of rubber stamping. Her cards are beautiful.

Mother’s day shoping for cards at Hallmark proved to be a bit disappointing. I have a hard time finding just the right thing to say. Then I thought of Darcy. Surely she can help me make a card. I went to her house and came up with two lovely cards, one for my mom and one for my mil. I was also fortunate enough to inherit a few stamps that she was tired of. Lucky me! I loved these stamps and decided to make some birthday cards. I had a lot of fun making them and was disappointed when I was finished. I am beginning to wonder if I have been missing out all these years of protesting making rubber stamp cards. I am wondering where I will put all the new supplies that are requiring for this new craft.

So, tell me what you think—-

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Taking a break

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with how much you have to do? I do. I feel like that right now. My house needs some serious attention. There is clutter everywhere. It ends up getting so cluttered because half the time I don’t know where to put things. Paper mostly. That and the piles of books/projects from school that lie around all the time. Oh, and don’t forget the library books. Ugh! The two younger girls and I just tackled their room. Anyone else out there that have kids that can make such a big mess? I am talking BIG. Imagine a floor that you literally cannot walk on without stepping on something. Oh, and it is deep. Now I am exhausted. I just cannot think about the piles on top of the dressers. I have one little girl who is a collecter and pack rat of very little things. What do I do with all this stuff? Necklace charms and handmade beaded bracelets. They have jewelry boxes but somehow they tend to get rearranged so that it holds not one piece of jewelry but many rocks instead. Oy! I can’t believe that it was just a few weeks ago that we did a major clean in their room. Each time we go in to clean I take out at least a kitchen garbage bag full of garbage, not to mention the stuff that goes to Goodwill. Honestly I think the stuff in this house multiplies because I know I don’t spend money on a bunch of little things, or toys in general. Well, I better get back at it. But, maybe I will fix a latte first!


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Swim Suits

It’s that time of year again. Time to buy swim suits for three growing girls. This is a time I envy those moms with all boys. How much easier to buy a pair or two of long shorts and a rash guard shirt. Likely the boys won’t be too particular on color or pattern. Likely the more plain the better and who cares if they match. Not so with girls. Not only must they match, but have to be the color and pattern of choice. They must not cost as much as a car payment and they need to pass mom and dads criteria on modesty and fit. I’m telling you, the pickings are slim folks. After seeing that I missed the window of opportunity to buy the desired Lands End swim suits, due to everything practically being sold out, I headed to town to every store I could think of that sold girls swimsuits. Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch! I found the selction to be rather small, and the selection of one pieces even smaller. The selection of one pieces that didn’t have the triangle bikini style top even slimmer. I wouldn’t necessarily mind a two piece tankini as long as the top was long enough to cover the belly. I couldn’t find one of those either. I finally found two suits for my little girls. The fit OK. They were a little baggy at the neck line. But they will do. They were on sale. My oldest at 9 going on 10 this summer is skinny, tall with a long torso. All suits we tried on didn’t come up high enough at the neck line. Larger sizes just produced a baggy bottom. I finally had to tell her that I would pick something at Lands End, and it likely won’t be her color choice. I got a tankini with a skirt bottom and tank top. I was able to order two different sizes to accomodate her body and then I got her the rash guard shirt with long sleeves. It wasn’t cheap, but at this point it doesn’t matter. It needed to be modest and I needed to find something and hopefully she will be able to get two years out of it. If not, it should be in good enough condition to pass on to little sisters.

The swimsuits are purchased and I am thankful, until next year!


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