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Sometime in the middle of last night we lost power. It was back up this morning when I got up. We have a backup battery for our computer (not my MacBook) and when we loose power the backup battery makes either a humming sound or loud beeping. Hubby turned the power to it off so we wouldn’t hear the noise. This morning I jump on my MacBook to do my daily checking email and browsing bloglines. I then realized that our internet is hooked up through the battery. I go to turn it on, and loud screaming noise comes out of it. I turn it off, then back on again, then POP and a flash of light. Something inside the other computer blew up. I unplugged it all and rerouted my internet. Must. Have. Internet. Now, I am pretty sure the main computer is a goner. I don’t think flashes of light/fire can result in anything but bad news. I hope, I hope, I hope I have burned all our photos onto a CD. I think I have but I am not sure. Not only that, I am not sure where it is, because there is a good chance it doesn’t even have a label on it. I am really bad with photos and I don’t print them. Some of these photos are from when my last child was 6 months old. That was 6 years ago and I have yet to finish her one year baby album.

Chickadee, who knew this lesson would be learned so quickly.



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This just in….

from my Apple newsletter:

This Just In: New Apple Mac Pros Announced
Like your computers powerful? A newly upgraded Mac Pro has just been announced by Apple.
The new Mac Pro now has 8-core processing power standard. This is a complete hardware architecture upgrade with Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors up to 3.2GHz, 1600MHz dual independent frontside buses, and 800MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM memory. Plus, a Bluetooth module standard.
Moreover, all-new graphics cards are available with high-performance options from both ATI and NVIDIA. The Mac Pro is more expandable than ever:

Up to 4TB of internal storage
Optional Mac Pro RAID card
Optional 15,000-rpm Serial Attached SCSI hard drives
Up to 32GB of RAM
PCI Express 2.0 expansion slots.

What language is this?????

Seriously, who understands this stuff.  Thank God my hubby buys the computer and I just use it.


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I am all for finding tricks of the trade that make computer/blogging/uploading easier and less time consuming. I’m sure you all are too so I am going to share the latest trick I learned while visiting my friend this week. She uploads dozens of photos on her flickr account and I couldn’t figure out how she spends so much time doing it. Well, she showed me a little feature that I knew nothing about. If you go to the upload page and scroll down you will see a link that says upload tools. Click it and you will be able to choose a tool that you download and allows you to upload your photos fast, by dragging and dropping and then uploading them all at once, fast. It also allows you to resize your photos so you don’t use up all your free space. I cannot believe how easy and efficient this is. I hope to upload way more photos than I have in the past. I really only used it as a means to upload them onto my blog. Well, now I will use it more to share photos. I am just so excited to have found this. If you haven’t yet, you really need to check this out.


Prairie girls in the tree in the backyard.

Our growing dog.  He is such a teddy bear.

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