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Camping again

Friday we head out for another camping trip. This time we are going with friends. This time we will be staying in a tent. This will be the first tent experience for the girls. They are looking forward to it and it should be a good time. We all (parents and kids) get along well.  Plus I will have another mom to share the meal duties with. Yeah!  The weather has turned a bit yucky with rain, thunderstorms and general cloudiness. I hope it dries up. I hope it won’t be too cold.  Hubby and I don’t have sleeping bags so we will have to make some sort of bed on inflatable pads and blankets.  I guess I don’t really plan on getting good sleep.  Thankfully I can sleep in when we return.  We don’t get to the beach very often. In fact I don’t really even like to call it a beach, because the word evokes feelings of warmth and sun and slight breezes.  That is not what we get on the Pacific Northwest. We get cold, windy, very windy weather most of the time.  So I will call it the coast.  We are going camping on the coast.

This was taken 2 years ago.  We went last summer, the summer we met Max.  We don’t go very often, even though it is only an hour away. I have no idea why. It might have something to do with it being cold there.  I will hopefully have some fun photos to post when we return.



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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!

Hubby brought this last night. He said he couldn’t wait for today. Even though he is off the hook (see last post) he is sweet and does know what I like.  If you look carefully you’ll see that I had to eat one before I took this picture!

My father in law works in advertising and printing. He has become known as the candy grandpa. Even though I don’t like how much candy he gives them, it’s his connection to them.  Every time he picks up the girls he gives the $2.00 each to buy candy with.  He tells them that candy is good for them.  (Don’t worry, they know he is kidding and they know candy is not good for them).  This is what was sent to the girls yesterday. He is so creative.

In case you can’t read the title, they are Rare and Special Fairy Vitamins.  He made the label.

Make sure to read the ingredients.

This is what the card said that came with the vitamins:

Please take your pills to cure your ills…

But spare the dog and scare the cat…

Cause pills like these will make them fat. 


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I met hubby when we were both 27.  I ran all over the world, playing, hoping to run into my soul mate.  Little did I know that he lived in the states and that I carried with me a book mark that was made by his parents card company.  Little did I know that I actually had his address on the back of that bookmark.  When we met he was the typical guy, with lots of friends and many of them female. He was great at giving them all plenty of attention.  It wasn’t long before I recognized the man that fulfilled many of the items on my list of “what to look for in my mate”.  It took a while longer for him to realize that I might be the one for him.  When he did though, we were stuck together like glue. I recognized his ability to be self sufficient. He could take care of himself. In fact he did so quite well, as he worked his way through college, and purchased his first house on his own.  I saw right away how gentle and sweet he was (and is) and how he had an ability to take care of me. I felt safe, and protected around him.  If a bear were to come into our campsite he would know what to do. If our car broke down, he would know what to do. If we were caught in a snow storm, he would know what to do.  I love this about him.  We met in February 14 years ago, began dating in June, were engaged in January and married in July.  We have had 13 years of Valentine’s Day.  In the beginning I admit to expecting too much and then being disappointed when I didn’t receive what I thought was adequate love on Valentine’s Day. Today, I expect nothing and the reason is, hubby tells me and shows me in many ways daily how much he loves me.  I don’t need flowers or even chocolate for that matter to feel the love of hubby. I am blessed to receive it all through out the year.


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Christmas cards

Yes, the sepia photo below is our Christmas card photo.

I have mentioned before the struggle I go through getting the cards our each Christmas season.  First, is getting the right photo of the kids. I am extremely picky and my kids are extremely difficult when it comes to photo time. It is rare to have a group photo turn out right. I have taken hundreds, maybe thousands of photos of them together and I have maybe a handful that are good.  For some reason they just don’t cooperate.  They have been this way since the very beginning too.

Then there is the issue of the card. I love cards, but it is expensive to provide the card, the photo and the letter printed on pretty Christmas paper.  Usually I do the photo cards at Costco and call it good.  Some years I add a letter.  This year I made my cards, included a photo inside and added a short letter on a half sheet with 12pt type.  Only my out of town people get a letter. I don’t want to bore those who know every aspect of my life already.

I send out at least 60 cards.  I don’t know about you, but when I send out cards, I kind of expect the same number in return. It never happens.  Why is it I feel obligated to send out cards to people, including family, even those we hardly know, and each year we don’t hear back from these same people?  I spend all this energy, money, and angst on Christmas cards and yet for some reason I just can’t let go of sending them.

I want to simplify Christmas.  Not sending out cards would certainly help in that department.  Well, I think I have come up with a solution for my next year.  I am going to send my cards out on Valentines Day.  Usually there is nothing going on in February except dreaming of a warm dry day. I will have plenty of time to devote to creating the perfect card, with the perfect photo. I will have eliminated the stress at Christmas and I will likely only receive 5 cards.  Oh well.  If you have similar struggles with the card issue and need a good laugh, head over here and read about a Christmas card rating system. It is brilliant.


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Chrsitmas Season Update

House:   We are supposed to close on Friday on our house.  There is a good chance that it won’t happen due to other people making decisions that affect our lives.  Please pray with us that the Lord takes care of the necessary details so that we can get this house.  Thank you.

There has been lots to do and so far it is all getting done.  I have not been as stressed as I have been in the past during this season.  We are all healthy.  Praise the Lord.  We have been blessed by friends.  Last week a friend asked if she could make us dinner.  What a gift that was.  Today at church a woman I hardly know asked if we would like a box of Satsuma oranges that she got.  She thought of me because I was mentioning how we eat them like candy at our house and how high the prices were. She found them at a local produce warehouse for a lot less money. How sweet was that!

We have a few more activities this week, including getting ready for our long drive to CA on Sunday.  Presents are purchased and mostly wrapped.  Many crafts have been completed.  It has been a great season so far.

I hope to get pictures posted here soon but don’t hold your breath.  Hope all is going well for all of you.


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The Tree

We cut the tree down from our backyard yesterday, put it in the tree stand and added water. We left it in the garage until today to let it dry off a bit (rain in the NW) and let any bugs take leave of it’s branches.  Today we brought it in the house and got to stringing it with lights and adding our paper ornaments to the tree. Remember, this year I purposed to keep it simple.  We finished in record time and over the next few days we will add more paper craft ornaments and string some cranberries and marshmallows.  OK folks, it was simple, but you know what?  It was also a bit disappointing.  While it is sometimes a big chore to take all the ornaments from their safe keeping place in the box, wrapped in tissue, and fight little ones hands off the really precious breakable ones, there is something about the ritual that is a part of Christmas.  For me at least. I love taking them out and remembering where I acquired each ornament, and I do remember for the most part.  I also have names and dates on most of those given to me.  Taking the ornaments out of the box is a trip down memory lane. I can share with my children which ones are most precious to me and they can be a part of my history. They also will be making memories of their own ornaments that they receive each year and will be able to take to their first home.  So to avoid taking them out this year has left me wanting; wanting a trip down memory lane.


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I think I am getting old. Or maybe I have always been this way. It seems like I am getting hurt left and right. I have bruises and scratches all over my hands, and bruises in my legs. I weekly hit my hand on something, right on the knuckles. This week I tried to step over the dog gate and tripped and landed face down on the kitchen floor. What is wrong with me. I am starting to understand how old people fall all the time and break their hips. That’s going to be me, I am sure. It is a bit weird to have a small daughter come and ask if I am OK as I am sprawled out on the floor. I am beginning to think I really am a klutz. What a strange thought after all these years.

The house purchasing is coming along. We are supposed to close on the 21st. It would be a miracle if it actually happens by then, but whatever God has planned I’m ok with. I really see His hand in the details, as this transaction is a bit more complicated than your typical home purchase.

School is on the back burner until after Christmas. I need all the free time I have to get ready for Christmas and our trip to CA, so that when we need to have appointments for the house, I can be free to do so. The girls are crafting like mad, and have gotten me involved. They love to make gifts and how can I discourage that. Now I have a few projects that I have taken on, despite my need to keep things simple. I just can’t help myself either. I love to make gifts.

We went to a friends house and she showed me this project she did for Christmas. She bought cheap composition books and used scrapbook paper to personalize the books. They are so cute. So I ran to Walmart and bought our books and a set of paper. To get the paper to stick really well, use spray adhesive. It is a very cute and personal gift, not to mention inexpensive.

Are you working on any homemade gifts this year? Care to share?


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