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My library

I live in a moderate size city of about 150 thousand.  We have one main library downtown that is around 5 years old.   We have several branch libraries around town. I happen to have a small branch library close to my house, so it is convenient to pop in for a quick trip to pick up a few books. But if I am looking for something specific, it usually isn’t there unless I have requested it in advance. That means I sit on the computer (not such a bad thing) and find the book, then request it and have it sent to my branch library.  This usually takes up a to a week, depending if someone else is in line for it before me.  This can make it difficult when the wind has taken us on a different path of study. I like to be spontaneous and pick up the book that will enhance our learning experience. The kids beg me to take them to the big down town library and it being fairly new and big and supplied with most of our needs, why shouldn’t I go there?  Well, for one thing, in order to park in the garage under the building I have to pay for it. I would have to pay to park on the street too, but the garage is a much safer place to be.  Our library happens to be across the street from the bus station. THE bus station central.  Unfortunately the library is a hang out (the outside of it) for freaks. And I really mean that.  I know it isn’t the nicest thing to say, after all God created them too and He loves them. The problem is, I don’t really want to see them, I don’t feel safe around them, and I don’t want my children to see them either.  I know, not very loving, nice, christian or tolerant.  I just can’t help it.  So to give you an idea what I mean I will explain further the kinds of people that hang out in front.

Yesterday we went— because it was time and the selection really is so much better and I promised. Since I have been packing everything except the essentials, our book supply is minimal and the girls were itching to get their hands on some good reading material (I love that by the way!).  So we went.  This is what I saw:

-A man, with makeup dressed in a long fluffy ruffly skirt.

-lots of black trench coats.

-girls with all colors of hair in short black skirts, black fish net stockings, combat boots or high top converse, bright red or pink lipstick.

-Men or boys with large silver rings in their noses or ears.

-Lots of them, not just a few, but crowds, of people that look like this.

What I don’t get is why?  Why do they dress like that, and why aren’t they doing something productive, like working or studying?  Is this the future of America?  It’s scary, I’m telling you.

So, what’s outside your library?



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Here are few more things to check off our huge list of house stuff.

1. Master bath painted.

2. Living room and dining room baseboards installed.

3. Bead board installed in main bathroom.

4. Molding and baseboards and caulking in main bathroom.

5. Most of non necessary items are packed and moved to the new house.

To do:

1. Sand, prime, paint bead board and molding.

2. Clean shower doors and recaulk.

3. paint and install rest of baseboards in three rooms.

4. Paint and install molding around doors in three rooms.

5. Make and paint new kitchen cabinet doors.

6. Install new kitchen counter.

7. Purchase and swap out stove in kitchen.   (my new stove that my mom bought is coming with us to the new house)

8. Paint kitchen and base cabinets.

9. Small wood floor repair.

That’s not all but that is just the inside. I won’t even talk about the outside.  Oy!


PS- what a boring post that was!  To give it a little more excitement I will tell you that last week was amazing.  My friend came over each day and schooled the kids. I got tons done.  I also had the opportunity to have my friend who is a certified teacher evaluate my child who is behind in math.  She was able to tell me where she is weak, how to catch her up, and help me decide which math curriculum to switch her to, because the one daughter is in is not going to work for her.  What a blessing that was!

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Thought for the day…

When packing one must never leave a full box untaped lest a little girl will get her hands into it and start playing with items in said box.


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This week–Day one

Today my friend came over and she schooled her kids and mine, fixed lunch, answered questions and was generally around for them, while I packed, ran an errand with hubby, and packed some more.  What a blessing that was and will continue to be as she will come on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to do the same thing.  The kids did great and had fun doing school, with a real school teacher turned homeschool mom.  I really hope to get a lot done this week and hopefully you won’t have to read anymore about how much packing I have to do.

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Wow-what a day!

It was beautiful here today.  Sunny, coolish to warmish, bright.  I love it. We tend to get a small reprieve from the rain sometime in February.  It’s a nice break before the rain hits hard again from March to May.

Our friends came over to help us work on the house.  Fixing, building, cleaning. In total we had 4 adults, 6 kids (girls), 2 dogs and 2 cats.

What was accomplished–

New baseboards in living and dining room, a clean bath tub and tile surround.  A torn out bathroom vanity. Paint, sink, faucet, and bead board purchased from Home Depot.  An attic access hole closed off with a latched door.  Two meals feeding people and animals.  Lot’s of playing outside and one movie watched (by kids).  One skinned knee. No fights.

It was a busy day, but fun too!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!

Hubby brought this last night. He said he couldn’t wait for today. Even though he is off the hook (see last post) he is sweet and does know what I like.  If you look carefully you’ll see that I had to eat one before I took this picture!

My father in law works in advertising and printing. He has become known as the candy grandpa. Even though I don’t like how much candy he gives them, it’s his connection to them.  Every time he picks up the girls he gives the $2.00 each to buy candy with.  He tells them that candy is good for them.  (Don’t worry, they know he is kidding and they know candy is not good for them).  This is what was sent to the girls yesterday. He is so creative.

In case you can’t read the title, they are Rare and Special Fairy Vitamins.  He made the label.

Make sure to read the ingredients.

This is what the card said that came with the vitamins:

Please take your pills to cure your ills…

But spare the dog and scare the cat…

Cause pills like these will make them fat. 


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I met hubby when we were both 27.  I ran all over the world, playing, hoping to run into my soul mate.  Little did I know that he lived in the states and that I carried with me a book mark that was made by his parents card company.  Little did I know that I actually had his address on the back of that bookmark.  When we met he was the typical guy, with lots of friends and many of them female. He was great at giving them all plenty of attention.  It wasn’t long before I recognized the man that fulfilled many of the items on my list of “what to look for in my mate”.  It took a while longer for him to realize that I might be the one for him.  When he did though, we were stuck together like glue. I recognized his ability to be self sufficient. He could take care of himself. In fact he did so quite well, as he worked his way through college, and purchased his first house on his own.  I saw right away how gentle and sweet he was (and is) and how he had an ability to take care of me. I felt safe, and protected around him.  If a bear were to come into our campsite he would know what to do. If our car broke down, he would know what to do. If we were caught in a snow storm, he would know what to do.  I love this about him.  We met in February 14 years ago, began dating in June, were engaged in January and married in July.  We have had 13 years of Valentine’s Day.  In the beginning I admit to expecting too much and then being disappointed when I didn’t receive what I thought was adequate love on Valentine’s Day. Today, I expect nothing and the reason is, hubby tells me and shows me in many ways daily how much he loves me.  I don’t need flowers or even chocolate for that matter to feel the love of hubby. I am blessed to receive it all through out the year.


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