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Open House

This Saturday is our first open house. And wouldn’t you know it, after the very slow start of summer weather, we are supposed to have heat in the 90’s. We do not have air conditioning, so it is going to be hot and very apparent that we don’t have air conditioning. We really only need it about 2 maybe 3 weeks out of the year, but when you are trying to show and sell a house, it is not a good thing.  There are still some last minute things we have to do, like paint more molding and hang doors back up. I really don’t want to paint molding ever again.  So beside cleaning and painting, I will be cleaning and painting.  It’s my life right now.

Oh, and please pray for my kids. They are so tired of trying to play on their own, without playing with anything.  They want to swim, have friends over and have a grand time.  They have been so patient but I fear the patience is wearing thin.  I was hoping to take them on a day trip to a camping area where some other local homeschoolers are, but I can’t take the time away right now.  I was planning on picking strawberries tomorrow, but now I am wondering the wisdom in having pounds strawberries to process right before an open house. Maybe I better wait until Monday.



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school help

Dear Homeschool Parents,

I have a child. She is wonderfully cute, joyful, smart, and social, not to mention very funny.  She is very young for her grade because of where her birthday falls. While she technically a 1st grader right now, she is more at a Kindergarten level.  She is reluctant to learn.  She is simply not interested in sitting down and learning. She is a mover and shaker, a true kinesthetic child. She touches everything.  I have found a few games that we have played to add interest in school and she loves them.  She knows all her sounds and is slowly learning to read. She can count to 100 but does not recognize all the number symbols.  She doesn’t like to write.  Adding is confusing to her.  I have just started her in the Singapore math book, level 1A. I am finding that this might not be a good fit for her.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me about math and getting this child to be motivated to learn?  Will I need to play games with her for all her school?  She has a hard time focusing for a small amount of time.  I do have her doing dot to dots and she really likes those.  I feel like we will get further and further behind, especially as I look at curriculum programs for math and language.  I am using the Abeka handbook for reading right now and will start her in the letters and sounds book when she catches up to a first grade level.  I’m just not sure what to do with her. Any ideas?  She is so different from her sisters and I knew she would be when she was in my womb.  She is a tremendous blessing and I adore her. She is challenging me.

Thanks for any input you experts might have…


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A new blog

I started a new blog. Yep, I now have two that I will be writing in. The focus on From the Narrows is to write about my life, what I am accomplishing, struggling with, have opinions about etc. The purpose of

Classic Academy

is to write about the girls solely.  I will be writing about our homeschool, their accomplishments, their creative projects and anything else that relates to them.

Why two blogs you ask?  Have you heard of Blurbs?  It is a website that sucks all the info from your blog and puts it into book form.  It is a way to record their education in a creative way. It is a scrapbook of sorts. Since I don’t scrapbook and I don’t even print photos out and put them into albums, I thought this would be a way to have something for them to look at and read that is about them.  It is something that I will do. I like to write, but not on paper. I don’t journal and never really have.  But I type and I love blogging so I thought this would be the perfect method for me.

So, what does that mean for you, the reader?  Well, you can read From the Narrows only, or Classic academy only or both. Then the other option is neither, but I would prefer you stick around. At least this way if someone was more interested in the school side of our life they can read Classic Academy.

Oh, and I have actually already started that blog and have a few entries so far.  So leap over there and check it out.  Leave a comment.


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It was fabulous!!!!

For all 3 of you who were concerned with my weekend, I have good news. It was wonderful, stupendous. The girls had a grand time. The food situation turned out just fine. The weather was beautiful, and a little hot. We saw a great play called the Clay Cart and we all enjoyed it. The girls sang great and it was so fun to see them play and interact with each other and bond. Here is a little snippet of my daughter Princess playing the marimba.

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Princess of Green Gables

My oldest girl aka, Princess spoke these words today:

“Division is a sorrow for me. It will be a heavy burden the rest of my life.”

Yes, we’ve recently watched Anne of Green Gables and the girls have been listening to it on audio tape checked out from the library. I just love how what they read and listen to comes out in their words. Only if it’s good however, and I can definitely tell when they have been influenced by something that I do not desire.  Whether is is books, audio, tv, friends, the rule applies—-garbage in, garbage out.  And the opposite would be true also.


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Happy Birthday Peanut

The baby of the family turned 6 in August. She had a Monkey party and it suited her just right. She had lots of friends over to celebrate with her. For the activities we made bananas on a stick rolled in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Boy are those yummy. Then they painted monkey sun catchers. I ordered all the supplies from Oriental Trading Company. It is a great resource for parties. They have a great selection of crafts and trinkets.

Here are a few pictures:

And here is the Monkey cake I made for her.

Peanut has and continues to be a joyful child. She is truly a happy go lucky little girl. Not much seems to bother her, except getting picked on by big sisters. She is generous and thoughtful. She is busy and learns by using her hands. Teaching her has been a challenge as I have had to get creative with techniques. But since she is my third child I tend to be much more relaxed with her, knowing that she will learn what she needs to when she is ready. She has a great sense of humor and while she may not look like she is paying attention, she is picking up a lot of what is going on. Peanut has been a joy from the moment she was born. We are so thankful for this little girl that adds so much to our lives.


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The loot and doggie bells

Today we went to pick up our entries in for the fair.  The sewing projects have received several donations from stores as I mentioned already.  In total the girls won $24.00, two 4 hour sewing classes, a $10.00 gift certificate, 2 yards of fabric, a fabric sewing project and a beanie baby sewing book. Was it worth registering,  dropping off entries and picking them up?  You bet!
Max is consistently ringing bells to go outside to potty. He sits by the back door and rings them and either one of the girls or I go and let him out. Now tell me, who is trained?


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