I’m Back

HI all,

I’m back from camping and I have a new computer charger.  Camping was a blast. The kids had so much fun. I didn’t have to cook or clean, could read, visit with people, and play games, as well as lay in the sun and swim. It was very relaxing.  Upon returning however I had to unload, unpack, do laundry, have a birthday party at our house (Belle turned 11) and then clean up for an open house on Sunday. Phew. I’m pooped again, enough to have fallen asleep yesterday evening.  I know I am tired when I fall asleep during the day because I never nap.

My almost 7 year old finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels at camp.  The funny thing is that she was in shorts, no helmet, and barefoot.  (she was riding on dead grass and I was with her, so I wasn’t too worried about the no helmet–but we do take that safety precaution).  Her sisters when they learned were in jeans, helmet, socks, tennis shoes, long sleeves and probably knee pads.

The speaker at camp was David Eckman, an author of several books and involved in the ministry called What God Intended. I will talk more about him later as I think his teaching is great.

August is a busy month, and we have no date yet to move, nor have we sold our home yet.  I have no idea what life is going to look like the next couple of months and what that means for school for us. I will plan as usual and make the best of it, but it would be nice to be settled in the new house.  I am trying to take it one day at a time and trust in God for the outcome.

Well, just wanted to say I’m back with a fully charged computer and a new charger. Thanks hubby!



computer update

I am borrowing my friend’s husband’s charger. Mine is toast. Literally.  $80.00 buckaroos to replace it and right now we can’t replace it. Bummer!  So I will get this charged up and be totally stingy on my computer time. I do have some business to conduct, you know, important things to do on the computer. It’s not all just fun and games. In the mean time, while it’s charging, I gotta catch up on my favorite reads. Man, you gals write a lot. I’m gone for a few days and I have this huge list to read.

All that to say, I won’t be around much for the next week and a half or so.  The girls and I are going to family camp with my in-laws church next week. It will the first time for them and they are going to have a blast. The following weekend is my daughters 11th birthday.  The week after is my other daughters 7th birthday.  August is going to be a busy month.  But fun!



My computer charger cord is on it’s last thread. I may be lost for a while without a new computer. Does anyone have a spare? I have an Apple Mac Book. We probably won’t be able to buy another if this goes for a little while….signing off….I smell something burning……

Tour of homes

So this weekend begins the annual Tour of Homes. It is a tradition. Hubby and I go every year. I have all the tour books to prove it. I think I might be somewhat obsessed with homes. As I was looking through the tour book I was marking down which homes we have to see because I have my favorite builders, you know. I was commenting on how this builders home wasn’t what he normally builds, more traditional when he usually goes for the craftsman look. Then I looked at hubby and realized that I was sick. Sick I tell ya, to actually know this information. What is wrong with me?

Already I found my favorite home. It is a craftsman home with some of my favorite details: subway tile, built ins, enclosed sun room with slate floor, craftsman style fireplace, nooks and crannies, oh and did I say built ins? In fact when we were walking through the house, hubby told me to be quiet. I guess I was ooohing and aaaahing a bit too loudly, and just maybe inadvertently too provocatively.

Then we toured a large (read- 8,000 sf) home for a lot of money (read-2.4 mil). It was like a castle. It had French scene murals at the end of a long hallway with chandeliers above and sconces on the walls. It was big, it was beautiful. Not entirely my style but well done just the same. Oh it also had an indoor built in trampoline. Three stair cases, one rod iron spiral led to the upstairs rooms. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms. The only thing that kept running through my mind is what on earth would we do with all that space? I would have to have like 12 or 14 kids to justify a home that big. I’m not ready for that many kids and a good thing because 2.4 mil isn’t even in my dreams. I know better.

So my question to you is what style home do you dream about? Are you living in it? If not, what little elements can you change to make more like what you dream of.

Our new/old house is a 50’s ranch. It is pretty small by todays standards. It’s ok with me. I like the house and can’t wait to make it my own. I plan on creating a mix of 50’s slightly modern with a cottage look. It’s doable. When we get going on the new house I will take before and afters to show what we have done. Every one likes before and afters right?


In the midst of so much change and upheaval these last six months and waiting for someone to make us a sweet offer on the house, I am finding that I spend much of the day talking to God about trusting. I trust Him, I truly do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments of frustration, or even sadness. I am trying to take all my thoughts captive and giving my worries to Him. I tell him often that I trust Him. I sometimes say it over and over like a mantra in order to put on good thoughts and eliminate the negative thoughts. I keep trying to focus on the bigger picture, the one I can’t fully see, but know that we are in His hand and that it will all work out for good. As a part of this trusting I am trying to keep in the forefront of my mind all the details that I am thankful for. Because if I focus on this, then I trust Him even more. So here is a few things that I am thankful for.

*My house is clean

*Because my house if clean I can actually rest more

*I am establishing great habits in keeping my house clean

*I am helping my girls establish great habits in keeping their room clean

*These habits will help us start school with ease

*Because I have control of my house, I have energy to make other positive changes

*I am able to get up early and walk with hubby in the mornings before he leaves for work

*He appreciates seeing and talking with me in the morning each day, and so do I

*I have had the motivation to change our eating habits and provide good healthy meals for my family

*Providing good healthy meals gives me a sense of accomplishment

*All of these are due to this monumental (to me) project of purchasing a home and then remodeling our current home, putting it on the market and waiting for it to sell. Crazy as it is to make such a bold move, God is working in this in our lives.

Contrast this to a year and a half ago:

I couldn’t get out of bed before 9am—- I stayed up until really late at night—- I couldn’t figure out what to cook—- we ate out all the time because I couldn’t provide meals—- I was angry—- sad—- DEPRESSED—- emotional—- on the brink of disaster—- I yelled all the time—- you get the picture.

God is so GOOD and I am truly THANKFUL!


My funny husband

This morning we were talking and reflecting on God’s provision in our lives. The company that hubby worked for for 7 years previous to his new job (as of a year ago) has shut it’s doors. Over 1000 employees in our city are now out of jobs.  As I was saying how faithful God has been, providing for us over the years hubby pipes up and says

“You have to differentiate between God and Visa, Jesus and the American Express.”


I want to share a bit of good news.  My very giving mother has given us money to purchase a pool for the girls. You know, the 4 ft bigger than a hot tub kind of pool with the soft sides.  We are filling it with water right now and the girls have been standing around it with noodles in hand chomping at the bit to get in. Unfortunately it is night time and the pool may or may not be ready by tomorrow.  I am so thrilled for them, and we can’t wait to have friends over to swim with us.  Don’t wait for a personal invite, just give me a call and invite yourself over.